Maid Cafe

hello, and welcome home masters and princesses!
we are the maids of the Con Ja Nai maid cafe~our annual maid cafe aims to serve all of our valued masters and princesses with excellent services and moe-moe power! (*^^*)
Cafe Hours: Lunch, Dinner

to our most precious masters and princesses: we’ve finalized our menu items!

we hope you are as excited as we are to introduce this year’s moe moe menu~

please visit us on february 11th at con ja nai where we will be able to provide you an unforgettable maid cafe experience!

we look forward to meeting you soon~

**Please note that maid staff holds the right to refuse or rescind invitations to the cafe.**

à la carte

Fluffy Onigiri ~ 2 for $5

Tuna Mayo

The Maid Cafe’s special Mahou Onigiri—nori seaweed-wrapped rice with savory filling. Options for crunchy and delicious pickled daikon radish (takuan) and classic Tuna Mayo.

Furikake rice balls ~ $1 each

Shio Konbu

Looking for a small and savory treat? Our furikake rice balls are the perfect size. Covered with your choice of Shio Konbu (vegetarian-friendly) or Mentaiko!

okaeri!! dinner special

Omurice ~ $10

Fried rice covered with a sheet of egg. Comes with a side of sausage octopus and cherry tomatoes. Our maid staff adds a magical touch with ketchup drawings or a sprinkle of magical parsley powder.


Puru Puru Parfait ~ $7

Strawberry Banana
Matcha Banana

Fluffy pudding-based parfait. Let our maid staff cast their special magic spell on your parfait!

Kira Kira Crepe ~ $7


Classic crepe with whipped cream and fruit or chocolate. Drizzled with a delicious syrup.


All drinks come with a treat.

Magical Maid Coffee ~ $3

Our special mix of coffee, cream, and sugar. This balance is sure to charm you forever~

Nyan Nyan Milk Tea ~ $3

Comes with options for skim, soy, and whole milk. Comes with moe-moe cute sugar—add to your taste!

Doki Doki Green Tea ~ $2

Warm and classic—a neutral green tea that pairs well with all of our dishes.

Dreamy Soda ~ $3


One of our signature drinks! Choose from melon and strawberry!


Fuwa Fuwa Onigiri Combo ~ $12

Your choice of 2 onigiri, a dessert, and a drink!

Mahou Omurice Combo ~ $15

Omurice, a dessert, and a drink!