Game Shows

Participate in any of the following game shows at Con Ja Nai to win some great prizes!

Further details coming soon!

Cosplay Contest Entry Rules

Entry Categories (choose 1):
Workmanship: judged on craftsmanship and costume quality. Costumes must be ≥50% handmade to be eligible for entry. Be prepared to explain how you made your costume during judging.
Performance: judged on entertainment value and ability to perform in character. Performances should not exceed 5 minutes in length. Commissioned and store bought costumes welcome.
Exhibition: entries who wish to present a costume and get pictures taken during the event but receive no judging (not eligible for prizes)

Prizes are given in the form of raffle tickets.
Please indicate if you are presenting in a group. If your group wins a prize, then it will be split among the members of the group per the group’s own discretion.
Sign up closes at 5 pm at the beginning of the contest.
Please note that Animania staff members may only enter the Exhibition and are not eligible to win prizes.