Ann Arbor is known for its restaurants, and we hope you’ll enjoy what we have to offer. If you’re looking for some suggestions, here’s a short list, but we encourage you to explore for yourself. Please refer to the map at the bottom for district locations.

Sushi / Japanese:
Mama Satto (State Street District) serves Japanese and Korean fare.
A classic for students, Totoro (State Street District) offers Japanese and Korean dishes.
Slurping Turtle (State Street District) and Tomukun (State Street District) both specialize in ramen. If you feel up for it, Tomukun also has a Korean BBQ (State Street District) right next door.
Other options a little farther away include Nagomi (Main Street District), Miki (West of Kerrytown District), Ayaka (South University District) and Sadako (South University District).
Not exactly Japanese, but if you want bubble tea, both sweeting (South University District) and Bubble Island (South University District) are great options.

Ann Arbor Bucket List: Buzzfeed reference link
Big Daddy of them all, Blimpy Burger (Main Street District) has fully moved into its new location on South Ashley.
Fleetwood Diner (Main Street District) is right next to Blimpy, and offers up their famous Hippie Hash at all hours of the day, in case you’re hungry after watching the showing of School Days.
Frita Batidos (Main Street District) offers fritas (Cuban burgers) and batidos (tropical milkshakes), along with other very delicious options.
The Original Cottage Inn Pizza (State Street District). The first restaurant in Ann Arbor to serve pizza.
An Animania favorite, perfect for those late-night post-CJN munchies, Pizza House (South University District).
Last, but certainly not least, the world-famous Zingerman’s Deli (Kerrytown District) is all the way in Kerrytown, but it just might be worth the trip, (and the $16 for the sandwich!)

Ginger Ale: (We’ll let these speak for themselves)
Ashley’s (The only one on this list that doesn’t brew their own, but still an amazing place)
Arbor Brewing Company
Grizzly Peak
Jolly Pumpkin
Blue Tractor

The map below shows the different restaurant districts in Ann Arbor. Click for full view.